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What's Your Aura What's Your Aura

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I ended up with Gold/Dark aura...suits me quite accurately i must say...

Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep5 Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep5

Rated 5 / 5 stars


holy fuck bro that was a shocker O_O!

Lol here i am jus wandering on NG and I saw this on front page... Well deserved man!

The Battle system was RAW, just as you told me :D!

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BlackDevilX responds:

heheh thanx man. good luck to you for the future.

Fear Unlimited Full Edit Fear Unlimited Full Edit

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hell yes! An Excellent game!

As for all those morons who says this is a ripoff of DMC, you're ALL idiots. Why? Because this is a TRIBUTE to DMC you friggin' lil bastards...


Anywayz, onto the actual review.

Wow, amazing game. You had elements from DMC1, 3 and even the few good elements DMC2 had! (DMC2 sucked otherwise..we all know that). The game started off fairly easy but then the challenge built up along the way, which was a nice way to execute it, cause if I was to make a game as a tribute to DMC, i swear i would have made it very similar to this. Despite it's a tribute, you had original elements inside there as well. Even though Encon was like Dante (very much so), you did actually have a solid plot overall. It musta taken ya AGES to make this, and you should feel proud of this final result....

This is definitely goin' in my favorites, and it's VERY rare i put submissions on my favs list. You sir, have gained "LGD's seal of quality!" I salute you!


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DBZ-AS: chapter 1 extreme DBZ-AS: chapter 1 extreme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Why isn't this getting over 3.20?!

Damn...this should get a higher score...Flash Games are HHHARRDDD TO MAKE...(Hell..I can't even make flash games yet...I tried and utterly failed).... so you get a 5/5 from me and 10/10 from review from me....

The game was pretty's nice u had 2 versions of it for the difficulty....

It's sad there's so many DBZ haters here on NG, and they don't realize that Complex effort WAS put into this (along with the easier version you made).....

For freakin' sake ppl...PLZ STOP BLAMMING SUBMISSIONS JUST BECAUSE IT'S DBZ!!! Whether u hate DBZ or not, this game was still enjoyable...

Well done, I expect more from you in the future...but...

mind if you can teach me how to make flash games? Cause I have some REALLY COOL ideas for flash games...I just need the knowledge of making flash games...

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The-EXP responds:

its not getting over 3.2 because its not of 3.2 standards, seriously, before i started this game, i don't think i'd ever even used {} type brackets before. 3 days later and i had this. It's not bad, but it's not amazing. It was a first attempt, and it turned out well enough to make a second attempt (which might i add is going quite well). Everything in this game was learnt and modified from tutorials on, you should check it out, cause i've got a hankering for some REALLY COOL GAMES!!!111 and for the dbz haters, i don't blame them, i'm not much of a fan either, i made it dbz themed mostly for matts amusement (other guy using the_exp) but, why change a good thing? Next level is shaping up to be fireza's goons chasing vegeta's ship through deep space. woot...and all that...

Orgasm Girl Orgasm Girl

Rated 5 / 5 stars

*Phew* Sorta hard but....

I actually managed to beat the game with "A" Ranking and all secrets was sorta hard....this game needs QUITE A BIT of patience.... the sweet spot took me a lil while to find, but eventually I found it....

As for comments on this flash work...WELL DONE...SERIOUSLY..WELL DONE!!! Despite this game is short, A LOT of effort was put into this....

Keep up the excellent work :D!

ultimate flash sonic ultimate flash sonic

Rated 5 / 5 stars


DAMN!!! This game gives me memories of the past sonic games I've played...especially with the music that played in the background of the zones. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for making a PROPER sonic game on NG, the way Sonic should be indeed!
And THANK GOD for you, because I want to make a sonic game myself, but I don't know how, so I was wondering, can you teach me how to make flash games?

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